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NET Research

The ONE Research Foundation (ONE) is comprised of individuals who are committed to the natural non-invasive healing of the mind and body. ONE is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to making these natural methods available to all as the standard of care.


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"We have now established the mind/body spectrum of NET. On one end we have the mind-oriented perspective with Dr. Daniel Monti's groundbreaking 2017 studies, and on the other end we have the body-oriented perspective with Dr. Peter Bablis' powerful study that was just recently published. Research gives our patients practical appreciation of their body's ability to heal and an ever-increasing confidence in the practitioners who are available to make it happen."
— Scott Walker, DC, Founder of NET

NET: Effects on Brain Physiology

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NET: Changes in Cerebellar Functional Connectivity

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NET: Effects on Chronic Low Back Pain

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